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About Emberheart

Set around the town of Emberheart, the player will go on a journey to make the lands more safe and to clear the road to the valuable resource nodes of crystals. As a rookie, you start out by clearing out some of the wildlife that's starting to pose a threat. When you get more experienced you will find more fierce and more intelligent enemies. You will find dozens of equipment along your journeys and will keep raising in power.


Key Features

  • - Play through beautiful hand painted environment set around the town of Emberheart
  • - Battle hordes of enemies
  • - Choose between 6 different playable character classes
  • - Acquire equipment during your battles
  • - Find legendary and set items while adventuring
  • - Craft your own ultimate set of equipment
  • - Spend attribute points to raise in power
  • - Choose between dozens of skills and switch skills on the fly
  • - Collect every unique or set item in the game to earn an ultimate armor set
  • - Hand painted 3D graphics
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